Bluegrass Karting does not allow any outside food or drink. This includes candy, ice cream, fast food, pizza, juice, or soft drinks. We have a concession area with pizza, soft pretzels, nachos, ice cream and soft drinks. If you would like something not included with a party package, please ask and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
Yes, you can bring a cake for your birthday party if you have purchased one of our party packages that includes a Party Room. We do not allow cakes or other outside food or drink in our lobby area.
Yes, you can still book any one of our party packages but the minimum 6-person charge will remain the same. Any extra races included with the package but not used the day of the event can be kept on the party coordinator’s account for future use. Please note if your group size does not meet the minimum headcount, Bluegrass Karting reserves the right to place other drivers in your race(s) to ensure the track is run at full capacity.

Bluegrass Karting provides paper plates, napkins, and plastic utensils (forks, spoons). We also provide table cloths for all the tables in your Party Room. Please inquire about special serving utensils.
Outside decorations are not allowed without prior approval, as our Party Room is already decorated with race-themed items. Bluegrass Karting does not allow any piñatas, confetti, glitter, or other arts and crafts projects during use of our Party Room. Any excessive mess resulting from the use of these items will result in an “Excessive Cleaning” charge added to your ticket.
We offer an arcade area in the lobby area and there is a spectator area for guests to watch other races and try to pick up some racing strategies.
No, Bluegrass Karting only offers single-seater karts.
Our standard Youth Kart and Adult Kart Arrive & Drive sessions are 8-minutes in length. Most Youth Kart drivers average 10-16 laps while Adult Kart drivers average 14-18 laps. This amounts to 2-3 miles worth of racing. Our Kid Kart sessions are 5-minutes in length, with drivers averaging 2-6 laps.

Our party packages are priced according to kart. If purchasing a Youth Party Package, we offer a limited number of adult-sized Youth Karts which allow adults to race against kids. If purchasing an Adult Party Package, Youth Kart races can be purchased separately at a discounted rate. Depending on your specific age breakdown, we can build a custom party package to fit your needs. Please ask the Event Coordinator at time of booking based on your specific age breakdown.

A single 8-minute Arrive & Drive karting session costs $19 for Adult Karts and $16 for Youth Karts. Most visitors average 2-3 races per visit. Guests should plan at least 45-minutes for a single race visit for registration, safety briefing, and racing. Additional pricing information, including race packages, can be found on our Pricing page.

Based on availability, reservations can be made for groups of 4 or more on the day of racing by calling 502.297.9899. Reservations for 8 or more may be made in advance of the day of racing. All groups must show up at least 30 minutes before their scheduled race time.

Adult Karts run separately from Youth Karts due to the difference in top speeds. However, there are two options for adults to race against kids: 1) Bluegrass Karting offers a limited number of adult-sized Youth Karts, and 2) smaller adults (maximum 70” tall / 160 pounds) can race in a standard-sized Youth Kart. However, pricing is based on age and we strongly encourage Adults to race separately for the best experience possible.
All drivers require a waiver to be signed prior to racing, and anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign on their behalf. Anyone appearing to be 18 years or younger must provide valid photo ID to sign waiver. Adult Kart drivers must be at least 14 years old and 55” tall. Youth Kart drivers must be at least 7 years of age to race and 48” tall. Kid Kart drivers must be at least 4 years old and 40” tall.

Youth drivers age 10+ who meet the 55″ height requirement may acquire an Adult Kart License by running a lap time below 27.0 seconds in a Youth Kart and following all rules and instructions.

Adult Karts have an approximate weight capacity of 300 pounds, depending on height of driver. Youth Karts have a weight capacity of approximately 160 pounds. Kid Karts have a weight capacity of approximately 65 pounds. However, all racers must also be able to fit comfortably in the kart seat with the safety harness attached.

Youth Karts can go 25-30 mph and Adult Karts can reach up to 40 mph. Youth Karts do accelerate much faster than Adult Karts, so overall lap time differences are minimal. Adult Karts are capable of 23.0 second lap times while Youth Karts are capable of 25.0 second lap times.
Approximately 1000 ft.

You may bring your own helmet, but the helmet must be full face with eye protection and a functional chin strap. Your helmet will need to be inspected by our staff to insure the helmet meets the safety requirements.
No loose-fitting clothing, open toed shoes, high heels, sandals or crocs. Gloves are strongly encouraged year-round, but especially during colder months. A hoodie or light jacket is encouraged for colder months.
You should purchase a VIP Membership if you plan to visit more than 2 times per year and/or you are able to take advantage of our weekday specials. VIP Members receive two free races that can be used anytime, plus a free headsock and free race the month of their birthday (up to a $21 value). VIP Members also receive a 10% discount on Arrive & Drive pricing.
A driver’s license is not required to race our Adult Karts, but is required for young adults appearing to be under the age of 18 to sign an adult waiver.
Typically we will race up to 8 Adult Karts OR 8 Youth Karts on the track at once. We may run more or less based on the experience and race history of each driver in the race, and depending on wait times.

We offer Arrive & Drive just about all hours we are open. We are only closed during full facility rentals and certain special events. All closures are posted on our Calendar page as well as Facebook. We always suggest calling ahead to verify Arrive & Drive availability. We are closed Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Community Outreach is key to the success of both business and community. Many individuals and organizations solicit Bluegrass Karting every day to assist with varying community service and charity projects. Due to the immense number of requests we receive and the effort required to fulfill requests, we do not provide cash donations and cannot honor all requests. In addition, we are only able to make donations because of our community first supporting our business. Below are our basic guidelines you must follow to be eligible to receive these service donations:

  • All requests must be made by an individual or parent of individual who has raced with us before. Please provide name of individual.
  • All requests must be received in letter form via US Mail. A self-addressed stamped envelope should be provided for us to mail donation back to you.
  • All requests must be received no later than 6 weeks prior to your event.
  • All letters received must include a 501(c)(3) tax certificate if applicable.
    Letters should include when your event is occurring, when you need our services and how you’d like to receive them.
    Bluegrass Karting reserves the right to refuse donations for any event at our discretion.