How to be Stupid Fast at Bluegrass Indoor Karting

Louisville Racing - Tips on being stupid fast

Louisville Racing - Get Stupid Fast at Bluegrass Indoor Karting

While fun is our primary goal for every driver, we wouldn’t have a state-of-the-art lap timing system if we weren’t just a little competitive!

Every competitive driver finds their own groove out there, and consistent practice and experimenting make a big difference in kart racing, but the tips below can help you have a little extra fun WINNING!

Secure Yourself

Make sure your belt is tight, but not too tight. This is not just for your safety but also so that you’ll stay put as you maneuver your kart. Shifts in weight can make a quick finish more difficult. Also be sure your helmet, and any other gear, is secure and comfortable on your person. The last thing you want is a big distraction so close to you. Keep your hands at 10 and 2, or 9 and 3, or whatever works best for you – as long as you keep them stable and symmetrical with a firm but flexible grip, ready to act and respond.

Don’t Lean In

Leaning into the curves…it just feels right. But if you want to be faster, don’t do it! The kart’s center of gravity is extremely important when it comes to handling. It’s simple math; around a bend, the outside wheel has to go further than the inside. Your kart is smart and makes up for this in its steering geometry. Leaning in will only upset the equilibrium.

Be a Follower

If you fall behind, play a little “follow the leader” and imitate the successful path of the faster karts as they pass others… but only until you are ready to pass them.

Think Exit over Enter

In consideration of curves, be more concerned about your exit speed. You’ll get further when this is faster than how you entered.

Get Familiar

If you’re new to our track, spend a little time beforehand familiarizing yourself with the layout and envisioning your plan to win.

Practice Awareness & Anticipation

Overall, simply pay close attention and learn to anticipate obstacles, opportunities, and opponents. This will keep your momentum up and your speeds smooth and high. And needless to say, keep aware of signals and karting staff as well as they are there to make sure everyone walks out exactly as they came in – only happier.


Louisville Racing - BIK track map

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