Kid Karts

Bluegrass Karting offers Kid Karts Monday-Thursday for ages 4-6. Drivers must be 40″-48″ tall. Please note this is more of a driving-introduction program as opposed to simple go-karting.

Because of the younger age and inexperience, Kid Kart drivers are required to complete an in-depth training to acquire a Kid Kart License prior to racing. This training must be set up by appointment. A track staff member will spend up to 30 minutes with the driver reviewing brake pedal operation, race line and steering, and accelerator operation. Your driver will then practice these techniques on the track with the guidance of the instructor. Once your driver proves they can operate their kart independently, a Kid Kart License will be added to their racer profile. If additional instruction is needed, a second training can be set up for a future date.

Initial Kid Kart License & Instructional Training: $20

Please be sure this is something your child is excited to do! No refunds can be provided for kids who decide they don’t want to race.

6-minute Race Pricing w/ License:

First Race

Second Race

Third Race

Kart- Bluegrass Indoor Karting
Kid Race - Bluegrass Indoor Karting
Kid Races - Bluegrass Indoor Karting
Race- Bluegrass Indoor Karting

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