Recap: Summer League Races Week 4

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Last Wednesday, we were back to both Junior & Adult/Pro & Rookie Leagues. It was a typical night of #stupidfast fun and some new records!

Congratulations to Caleb Boutell, Ben Derby, Justin Rankin, Rance Richardson, Kirk Singh, Zack Powers, Brinnen Brockman, and Sophia Reisert for their entry into Klub 23!!

Week 4 Winners:
Junior League

1st Place: Eli Warren

2nd: Dillan Baldwin

3rd: Jack Receveur

Adult League


1st Place: Dalton Peak

2nd: Perry Marshall

3rd: Bryce Applegate


1st Place: Zack Powers (First win!!)

2nd: Sophia Reisert

3rd: Brinnen Brockman


This week’s Summer Showdown (7/12) is a Rookie League only night again. Make sure to check out the summer calendar for reminders of what’s happening with the leagues as well as some other fast & fun events at your favorite indoor race track.

Click for Summer Showdown Points Update


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