Summer Happenings: Dates to Remember

Looks fun I guess but we think our idea of racing is a bit more exciting

Summertime is officially underway and ’tis the season for free-spirited amusement. When the Ohio Valley heat and humidity puts a sticky damper on your outdoor adventures, take an air-conditioned 40mph break at our indoor karting track.

Arrive & Drive is available for the larger part of our Monday – Saturday hours. If you’re looking for a special event or a league to join, take note of the happenings below.

First, an overview of the events and their respective dates. If you’re more of the chronological list type, scroll down to the bottom for a schedule of events from dates near to… less near. See you at the track! 

Youth & Adult Leagues

Have you ever been watching your favorite racing event on TV while wishing you had a way to experience at least a piece of that competitive thrill? Are you, or your kid, considering racing as a career or serious hobby? Our league nights are special as they provide a safe opportunity for racers of all ages (7+) to grow in their skills and speed, getting a little competitive while still having a blast. They are open to anyone and provide the best bang for your buck as, in the end, racers get in 125 – 150 laps around the track per night.

We have two leagues at Bluegrass Indoor Karting: Rookie and Pro. League races are always on Wednesday nights. Some nights will see both leagues race and some will focus on just one. Dates are listed below. Be sure to get them on your calendar.


Rookie Leagues
 6:30pm, $40/week, includes 8-minute practice, 5-minute qualifier, 12-minute main

June 21st
June 28th (Rookie Only)
July 5th
July 12th (Rookie Only)
July 26th

Pro Leagues
7pm, $60/week (or $50 for VIP members), includes 5-lap Qualifier and 1-hour Enduro, CASH PRIZES 

June 21st
July 5th
July 26th
August 9th (Pro League Only)
August 23rd (Pro League Only)

Summer Camps

Fun for kids and their suddenly kid-free parents. We provide quality supervision along with snacks and lunch, dodgeball, arcade tournaments, movies, and racing, of course, all day long (9am – 5pm). Cost is $100 per kid.

June 20th
July 18th
August 8th

Special Events & Shenanigans

Stay tuned for more details on these fun events.

July 19th: Kosair Race-a-Thon

August 18th: 2.4 hour Partner Enduro

Complete schedule of summer events

June 28th       Rookie League Night

July 5th           Rookie League & Pro League Night

July 12th         Rookie League Night

July 18th         Summer Camp II

July 19th         Kosair Race-a-Thon

July 26th         Rookie League & Pro league Night

August 8th      Summer Camp III

August 9th      Pro League Night

August 18th     2.4-hour Partner Enduro

August 23rd    Pro League Night



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