The Difference in Bluegrass Indoor Karts

Kart Diagram

Do you remember driving go-karts as a kid? Maybe you were visiting popular family amusement destinations like Pigeon Forge or Panama City Beach. Here in the Louisville, Kentucky area, you might have some great memories at Kart Kountry. Or perhaps you are still a kid and have only enjoyed the luxuries of the best and fastest all your life.

Regardless, we think it’s worthwhile to review how karting has developed, how it’s still a simple form of fun for the entire family but has also grown to be a very real and challenging sport – a measure of competitive prowess between you and your friends (a.k.a. momentary adversaries) and even an introduction to racing for the elites. We’re gonna give you a peek into why we use the karts we employ and why it’s so important to us.


While most go-karts top out at about 20mph, our karts go as fast as 40mph…including our 25mph Rookie Karts.


Our karts come with a side mounted engine with a solid rear axle maxing at 5,200 RPM compared to others’ at 4,000.


General amusement karts are approximately 80” long by 45” wide and weigh in at about 500+ pounds. Our karts are 75” long by 51” wide and are only about 317 pounds. Shorter, wider and lighter means better performance.


It is imperative to your race success that you are positioned right. Our karts provide fully adjustable seats and pedals.


Most tracks buy 5” extended wear tires for extended life. We buy 5” front and 8” rear high-performance tires made for the absolute tightest handling and grip.


We take your safety very seriously and use HEAD (High Energy Absorption Design) safety absorption vs. relying on rubber blocks.

All of these high-tech features are of importance to us, but in the end, our purpose is not solely to cater to the faster, more “serious”, competitive racers. We want kids, first-timers and regulars to learn something new each time they visit. That’s why our crew is required to know how to help you get faster, and why we offer Kid Karts as a driving introduction program  – unless you are a toddler (sorry toddlers). We firmly believe what you learn here won’t just set you up for a future racing career, but can help you be a safer, more confident driver on the streets as well.

We are also proud to offer CAPABLE2KART for anyone with special needs. We’ll be talking much more on that soon as it’s a program we greatly value.

Pursuing a fun go-kart race – both indoor and outdoor – is always a blast, and we recommend you take advantage however it comes, wherever you are. But there is a sure difference between what you might enjoy at an amusement park or entertainment center and what we provide at Bluegrass Indoor Karting. We truly could talk about this all day so please contact us anytime to schedule a visit and, of course, you can always take a look around at our website. Even better- just stop in! We’d love to meet you!

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