Waiver Information

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Insurance and State regulations require all drivers to sign a waiver and complete an introductory safety briefing prior to racing. You must be over the age of 18, with a valid ID, to sign your own waiver. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign on their behalf. There are 3 options for executing Minor Waivers, but we strongly recommend Option 1 or 2 for parents to see our facility, understand how indoor karting operates, to ensure their child is capable of controlling their kart, and to sign the waiver electronically. Electronic signatures remain on file for future visits so children may race without their parent/guardian present.

Option 1: Sign electronically in person at time of racing. Parents simply accompany their child to the facility and sign for the minor in person. Signature remains on file for future visits.

Option 2: Sign electronically in person prior to your minor’s visit. If your minor will not be transported by a parent or legal guardian, you may come in, create the minor’s registration, and sign electronically in person prior to the day of the event. Signature remains on file for future visits.

Option 3: Waivers provided directly from our insurance carrier can be downloaded for minors who will be racing without their parent present. The form must be completely filled out and signed by the parent/guardian prior to racing. Fraudulent signatures are strictly prohibited. Paper waivers are only good for a single visit; an additional signed waiver is required for each subsequent visit.

The Safety Briefing introduces drivers to indoor karting, kart operation, safety regulations, track rules, and driving tips. Prior to racing, it is the driver’s responsibility (or parents’ of Junior drivers) to determine if there is adequate ability to maintain control of the karts. Reckless drivers who cause multiple cautions limit the amount of quality racing for other participants on the track, and as such cannot be tolerated. We love to help and teach, but can only do when we are slow. If you or your child have never operated a go-kart, we strongly suggest non-peak times (weekdays or by appointment) for our staff to be able to provide additional instruction, guidance, and/or training.